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   ¡¤ PB PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ PP-R Hot and cold water
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ PE-RT PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ U-PVC Stormwater drainage
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Double-wall hollow
      Muffler PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Electrical Insulation
      PIPING Series


   1.  In March ,1993 Jiangshan City Plastic Pipe Factory founded.
   2.   In June ,1996 it was classified as a focused-promoting scientific and technological achievements projects by the Ministry of Construction.
   3. In 1997, it was designated as national recommendation of a well-off residential construction products by the state Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Chemical Industry, the State Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of machinery, the building materials Ministry, the building materials Bureau, light industry associations.
   4.  In September 1998,it was rated as ¡°local product quality trust enterprises in ZhejiangProvince¡± by ZhejiangProvincialCenter of local industrial products, local professional products indecent stations in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Daily and the Economic Life Paper.
   5. In December 1999, it was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Construction Committee to be the new technology promoting projects of construction system of JiangsuProvince.
   6.  In March 2000, the company was renamed Jiangshan Sanleng plastic Co.Ltd
   7.  In 2001,the company was recognized as the first batch of Quzhou City Municipal High-tech SMEs by High-tech Enterprises Recognizing Committee of Quzhou City People's Government.
   8.  In 2001, it was recommended as ¡°green consumption,health rights brand in Zhejiang market¡± by the Association of Environmental Protection Industry in ZhejiangProvince, Hardware Chemical Business Associations, the Association of non-staple food, Nutrition Association, the Zhejiang Daily "Guide to Family Education".
   9.  In 2002 "Sanleng" brand products were included in outstanding publicity brand in Zhejiang by Zhejiang outstanding brand campaign Office, Hangzhou YouHua Business Management Workshop.
   10.  In February 2003,the company changed its name again to Zhejiang Sanleng plastic Co.Ltd.
   11. In December 2003,it was identified as new achievements of Guangxi building construction technology by the Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
   12. In 2003, it pass through Quality Management System Certification seized by the BeijingJointQualityCertificationCenter.
   13. In December 2004,it became the member unit of the Zhejiang Provincial Association of chemical building materials,approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Association of chemical building materials.
   14.  In 2004, it was rated as AAA-level enterprise by the Zhejiang Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China.
   15. In December 2004, it was identified as Quzhou brand products by Quzhou brand products Commission.
   16. In September 2005, it was identified as the Hunan Provincial Construction projects to promote scientific and technological achievements by Hunan Provincial Construction Office.
   17. In April 2006, it was identified as the Zhejiang Provincial Construction projects to promote scientific and technological achievements by Zhejiang Provincial Construction Technology Promotion Center.
   18. In May 2006,it was identified as AA grade credit " Complying with contract and re-credit" units by Quzhou City Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau in ZhejiangProvince.
   19. In January 2006, "Sanleng" mark is recognized as ¡°well-known trademark¡± in QuzhouCityZhejiangProvince by Quzhou Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau.
    20. In September 2007, the PB production linewas put into operation.

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