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   ¡¤ PB PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ PP-R Hot and cold water
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ PE-RT PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ U-PVC Stormwater drainage
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Double-wall hollow
      Muffler PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Electrical Insulation
      PIPING Series


       Seeking truth and innovating, persisting in quality, pursuiting excellence, creating quality service,the company has established Sanleng brand. Persisting in the entrepreneurial spirit of ¡°ability-based, Character-based, real ability and learning, high-quality staff priority¡± , the company has brought up a sufficiently large number of high-quality, wide-range and rational-structure high-quality personnel,establishing a high-standard staff environment.The company paid attention to the qualified personnel training system to create a space for talent, focused on younger age not to set up bars and paid attention to proceed from reality, took full account of the talents of all ages, open green channel especially for the talents with special contributions, special operations skills, and required by special jobs. The company actively advocates a good backup mechanism oriented to ¡°performance, hard work, people-recognized, and good selected from gifted talents¡±, and continuously explore new ways of selecting to form a good atmosphere of equal competition and reproducible real ability and learning, and set a direction of employment of performance and ability.

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