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   ¡¤ PB PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ PP-R Hot and cold water
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ PE-RT PIPING Series  
   ¡¤ U-PVC Stormwater drainage
      PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Double-wall hollow
      Muffler PIPING Series
   ¡¤ U-PVC Electrical Insulation
      PIPING Series

      Zhejiang Sanleng Plastic Co.Ltd (formerly Jiangshan City Plastic Pipe Factory), set up in 1993, changed its name to Jiangshan Sanleng Plastic Co.Ltd in 2000 ,and in 2003 changed its name again to Zhejiang Sanleng Plastic Co.Ltd approved by the Industrial and Commercial Administrative Department. As times go by, because of the enterprise's needs, talent development, new technology development and product quality improvement, the enterprise has grown up, with existing staff of more than 500 people, 15% of which are junior high school graduates, 30% are senior high school graduates, and with various projects (economic) technical staff of more than 180 people. The function agencies include 7 sections and 1 room, one of which is the Human Resources Section, specialized in recruiting well-qualified staff, the undergraduate and technical talent with high professionalism and the spirit of cultures.
      Located in the junction of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, close to Lanxi-Hecun provincial highway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway line running through, the company is with very convenient transportation. It is one of the largest enterprises in plastics industry in the west of Zhejiang. The company mainly produces various kinds of plastic products: PP-R water pipe with 3 PP, tube series, building drainage with a hard PVC pipe, pipe, fire-retardant PVC catheter series for electrical installation, cellular buried porous pipe-series products for underground communication. With an annual output of various products 25,000 tons, the annual output value of 300 million yuan,the company covers 70,000 square meters and has fixed investment of 80 million. The company has more than 20 domestic advanced pipe extrusion equipment production lines, 30 units of the tube injection molding equipment and complete product testing equipment.The companyimplement the standards of GB/T5836.1-82.5836.1-92, and through quality management system certification in 2003.
      Since its found, kinds of products have successively won the Gold Award of China Construction Materials and Decorative Expo and the Gold Award of International Quality Goods Expo Gold Award.In 1996 the company was identified as national key manufacturers focusing on promoting scientific and technological achievements project by the National Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1997, it was designated as national recommendation of a well-off residential construction products by the state Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Chemical Industry, the State Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of machinery, the building materials Ministry, the building materials Bureau, light industry associations. In 1998,it was rated as ¡°local product quality trust enterprises in ZhejiangProvince¡±. In 2001 PP-R products have been rated as ¡°green consumption,health rights brand in Zhejiang market¡±. In 2004 it was identified as Quzhou brand products by Quzhou brand products Commission.In 2006, "Sanleng" mark is recognized as ¡°well-known trademark¡± in QuzhouCityZhejiangProvince by Quzhou Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau.
      With good business ideas, hard work,and the enterprise principles of "quality first, users supremacy, credibility first", various products sold far to over 10 provinces(cities ,autonomous region), and has been well received by the broad masses of customers.Brand awareness has been further improved.
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